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Buza is one of the most peculiar treats among the popular drinks known in the world history. Buza is based on special processing of grain crops, usually barley and oats. Nutritious, pleasantly light-colored drink has become widely known for its sweet taste and useful properties.

Historical note
It is believed that in the Bashkir language the name of the drink «buza» originated from the word «buz», which means «milky color».
According to historical sources, buza was being made 8000 years ago. There is information that buza was being made in ancient Mesopotamia. This drink is among the favorite among the peoples living in Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as in the North Caucasus and South Siberia. The word «buza» itself comes from the Persian «boza», which means «millet, barley».
Buza is an ancient national drink of the Bashkir people. Earlier buza was not widespread in the territory of residence of the Bashkirs, there were also local differences in the methods of its preparation. The recipe for the drink, as can be seen, has undergone significant changes over time.
As E. V. Migranova notes, according to field materials and other ethnographic sources, buza was known in the Uchalinsky, Baimaksky, Abzelilovsky, Beloretsky districts of Bashkortostan, that is, in the Trans-Urals and in the southernmost districts of the republic. In this region the drink was prepared on the basis of barley, which echoes the South Siberian traditions, because for some peoples of South Siberia (Altaians, Khakas, etc.) the thick drink pozo, bozo from sprouted barley grains was traditional. Among the Shors, Tubalars and Kumandins it was a ritual in the rites associated with sacrifices.
The ancient Greek writer, historian and military leader Xenophon mentioned in his works that Greek soldiers tasted buza in Armenia. Later the Venetian diplomat and merchant Giosafat Barbaro wrote about the drink «bossa». German scientist Carsten Niebuhr, travelling in eastern countries, also noted this drink. Here is one of the old recipes for making buza. Buza is prepared from sprouted barley with the addition of ground toasted oats. Sometimes interior fat is added to get the foam.
Buza can also be made from rolled oats. The color of the drink made from oats will be slightly darker than usual. If you dry the oats a little, its characteristic sour taste will disappear. First, melt the interior fat, then put the ground barley grains in it and cook over low heat for about an hour. Then add the crushed oats and a glass of flour to this mass. The resulting mass should be poured into another vessel, adding yeast and one or two glasses of sugar. After that all this is left in a warm place for about two days, not forgetting to stir from time to time. When the grain mass turns sour, it is necessary to strain it several times through a coarse sieve. If the mixture is too thick, you need to pour a little water into it, stirring thoroughly.

Methods for preparing buza
There are many different ways to prepare this drink. Each nation carefully preserves its own recipe, which is passed down from generation to generation. Among the many varieties three main types of drink can be noted:
a) Bashkir buza based on oatmeal;
b) buza of the Crimean Tatars from wheat;
c) Turkish buza from rice.
As a rule, before making a drink oats and wheat are allowed to germinate for about two weeks. After that the grains are left in the water for another two weeks. When the mixture starts to turn sour, it is necessary to strain it, add interior fat, yeast (but not dry), a little sugar and, after mixing, leave it again for a while. The result is one of the most useful drinks.
The useful properties of buza are associated with the conversion of flour into starch through souring. And this is directly related to the groats from which the buza is prepared. A drink made from wheat groats has a good effect on the nervous system, because the B vitamins, which are part of wheat, increase resistance to stress. Buza also helps to calm down, especially if you drink it before going to bed. Buza contains a lot of magnesium and potassium, and these elements have a positive effect on heart activity.
It should be noted the useful properties of buza made from oats. Oats contain antioxidants that prevent aging and cell destruction. It is best to use whole grains of oats, because the processed grains retain much less nutrients.
Recipes for Bashkir buza
First method
butter – 30 g
oats – 150 g
wheat flour – 6 g
yeast – 30 g
sugar – 80 g
water – optional

It is necessary to rinse the oats, grind them and leave to soak for about half an hour. Then let the water to flow down and leave the oats to dry in a windless place, and then grind them into flour. Lightly fried wheat flour should be added to the resulting flour and mixed with hot melted butter. Then add cooled boiled water to this mixture, beat until a thick mass is obtained and leave to «rest» for half an hour in a warm place. After this time add the boiled water again and stir thoroughly. After that add yeast and sugar to the drink and leave it covered with a lid. When the resulting mass rises, put it on a fire, bring it to a boil and strain it by adding cool water. Then to make buza turn sour it is placed in a warm place, covered with a lid, and left for several days. Prepared drink should be thick and without a particularly sour taste.

Second method

oats – 400 g
sugar – 1 glass
vegetable oil – 1–2 tablespoons

Boil water in a 6-liter enamel pan, add all the oats and bring to a boil. After that reduce the heat and cook the oats over low heat for 40–45 minutes, stirring constantly. Then strain the mass through a sieve and grind (you can use a blender). If the resulting mixture seems too thick, you can add a little boiled water. After cooling the liquid add sugar, sourdough, cover it with a lid and leave to turn sour.
If you put the drink to turn sour in the evening, then by the morning the buza will be ready for use. If you are going to use buza in one day, it is not necessary to add oil to it. If the drink is intended for a longer period, then add 2–3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to it. Also, during the boiling of the buza, sometimes a sprig of cherry is put in it along with the leaves, then the taste and smell of the prepared drink will turn out to be especially fragrant. If you don't have a sourdough for buza at hand, you can use one glass of kumis.

Third method
Only the best oats are usually selected for making buza. They are rinsed, dried and lightly fried. After frying the sour taste inherent in the grains disappears. If you have ready-made groats, it is not necessary to fry them. To increase the benefits of oat buza, after rinsing the oat grains, the groats should be placed in a warm place for a day, the oats are allowed to germinate a little and then they can be fried. One glass of melted interior fat is poured into the finished oat mass (to get 6 liters of the drink you need to take 2 kg of oats). After mixing dilute with boiled water until a mass with a consistency resembling thick sour cream is obtained, after which it is left in a warm place for a while. Put half a glass of sourdough, two tablespoons of sugar in the cooled down oat mixture and add cool water. The resulting drink must be wrapped in a cloth and placed in a warm place. Within a day the mixture will rise and increase in size. Then it must be passed through a sieve or colander and, adding a little more sugar, removed to a warm place. After a day the drink can be considered finished. Buza can be used as an independent dish, and if you add pieces of fruit or berries to it, you get a delicious and healthy dessert. Enjoy your drink!
It should be noted that buza is a real find for those who want to lose weight. If you drink one glass of buza in the morning, as well as consuming it during the day, you will not feel hungry all day. You can also make cocktails from buza by adding ginger, turmeric and parsley to taste. With such additives the drink accelerates metabolism and removes toxins from the body.
A master class on making buza by Sunagatova Tansylu, a resident of the village of Tubinsk, Baimaksky district, TV show «Bekhetneme» («Book about happiness») on the BST channel
Folk rites associated with buza
Buza is an integral part of Bashkir holidays. There were even special holidays dedicated to the national drink. A vivid example of this is a holiday dedicated to buza, held in the villages, «Buza temleu» («Let's taste a buza»). Often in the autumn, at the time of harvesting, preparing for the wedding festivities, buza was made. To facilitate the rather laborious process ome (form of village mutual help) was organized. During cooking buza people shared recipes, competed in skill, sang takmaks (type of short folk song). And when the drink was prepared neighbors and relatives gathered together, drank buza, sang, danced. You can get acquainted with such a beautiful ritual holiday by watching the dance of the folk group «Gilmiyaza» from the village of Temyasovo, Baimaksky district.
So, buza is really worthy of your attention! Let this healthy and nutritious drink never cease to be the main treat on your table both in winter and summer!

Folk group «Gilmiyaza», village of Temyasovo
Dance «Taste a buza»

Shagitulla Khammatov, actor of the National youth theatre of the Republic of Bashkortostan named after Mustai Karim
«Buza is a Bashkir national drink that we had in the old days. Buza is a thick drink the color of melted milk, which includes oats (rolled oats). Oats have almost always been used in folk medicine. Oats are the most popular medicinal cereal. First of all, it removes toxic substances from the body, normalizes fat metabolism, increases immunity, it is useful for the liver and has a beneficial effect on the stomach. Secondly, it can replace dinner, as buza is nourishing and quenches thirst well».
Sharipova Zilya Sabirovna, head of the folk group «Etegen» from the village of Ilyachevo, Khaybullinsky district

«Since ancient times the Bashkirs have treated honored guests with buza. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this drink strengthens the nervous system, improves the functioning of the stomach, kidneys and liver. Interest in a healthy and nourishing drink has recently increased. Buza is a favorite product of the Bashkirs.
It is valuable because it quenches thirst, very nourishing and healthy. Buza was usually cooked in March-April, when the body suffered from vitamin deficiency. Therefore, in order to promote the healthy drink and increase interest in our brand we held a buza holiday».


is the winner of the «Our brand» festival
«At the festival "Our brand" we took part with a Bashkir buza and won a bronze medal. The fact that outside of Bashkiria buza is so appreciated for its special taste, for its benefits awakens in us a sense of pride», – says Aigul Idelbaeva.
Aigul Idelbaeva,

On the waves of creativity

Rasima Uraksina,

Беҙгә килгән ҡунаҡтар
Ауыҙ итә буҙанан.
Һоло, арпа буҙаһы бар,
Беҙ эшләнек бойҙайҙан.
Беҙ эшләнек һолонан,
Килгәс ни ҡулыбыҙҙан.
Ваҡланған һолоно йыуып,
Бер аҙға ебетәләр.
Һарҡыталар, елләтәләр,
Төйөрлөк тип әйтәләр.
Төйөлә һоло, төйөлә,
Бәләкәс тау өйөлә.
Еңелсә ҡыҙҙырылған
Он ҡушабыҙ бойҙайҙан.
Ҡайнар аҡ май саҡ ҡына
Ҡайнар һыуға һалһаҡ ҡына!
Йылы ерҙә тоторға,
Бер аҙ ваҡыт оторға.
Йылымыс ҡайнаған һыу,
Әсетке уға ҡушыу.
Болғатаһың иҙмәне,
Артыҡ шыйыҡ итмәгеҙ.
Һөҙөп алып ҡуяһың,
Өҫтөн ябып тораһың.
Әсей башлаһа буҙа,
Бызыр-бызыр көй һуҙа.
Ирегән һары майҙай,
Балҡый түңәрәк айҙай,
Буҙам шәп, тиеп, маһай

Sarvar Galyautdinov,


Шифалы был эсемлекте
Күптәр эсергә ҡыҙа.
Һоло, арпа йә бойҙайҙан
Әсетелә ул буҙа.

References: newspapers «Bashkortostan», «Kiske Ofo» («Evening Ufa»), the book of E. V. Migranova «The Bashkirs. Traditional food system: Historical and ethnographic research». Ufa: Kitap, 2012

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